(My father, who is my mentor and one of the smartest executives/CFOs I know, said to me last night: “Remember, you and your community are pioneers. There is no recipe for this type of project as it has NEVER been done before. So it is your job to figure out a recipe and imprint the world forever”)

I know some of you may feel discouraged by the low-mint numbers thus far and trust me, I feel it a bit too…

BUT after spending time with the fam and recharging my batteries, I feel energized by YOU the core of this project. For that reason, I want to share a few updates and ideas to help us get through the finish line:

1. OG Captains: An OG is someone who supports, not only by words but by action! For that reason, we have deleted the original OG role and will ONLY award such role for actual holders. In order to receive that role, visit #collabland-join to connect your wallet to verify your WoF Captains and be awarded the new “OG Captains role”. You will then have exclusive access to the “OG Captains” chat (but please help us make sure you mostly chat on “general-chat” to welcome and engage our new captains). Our OGs are now the top of the food chain and will be treated as such because, well, you fuel this project!

2. Utilities: As I have mentioned throughout the project, WE WILL FULFILL OUR UTILITIES AS PROMISED! In fact, I have a zoom meeting with the club and our lawyer on Monday to review some of the paperwork they have already submitted. Sure, we don’t have as much money as we anticipated to invest into the club BUT I have a solid plan of attack to increase our investment overtime.

3. Current Collection: While talking to a lot of you and getting to know you better, I’ve learned that true NFT investors want two things: 1. A strong community to call home and 2. Their investment to be protected and cared for! With those two things in mind, I want to present our “sell-out plan” for this current collection:

3.a – Supply: In order to focus heavily on executing our utilities while staying course to sell out, we will now only release 1,111 NFTs at a time for mint. Once we mint 1,111, we will then open to 2,222, and so on.

3.b – Marketing: We will implement our marketing budget (as well as a robust organic strategy) to positively affect the sale, inviting new captains to mint and become part of the revolution.

3.c – The Club/NGA Stadium: IT IS IMPERATIVE that to sell out, we prove to new captains that we CAN do this. For that reason, my team and I will hyper focus on executing our club investment and launch NGA Stadium.

4. Next Collection: As per our roadmap, the next collection is the female captains. We will be teasing the new website (a page within the main WoF website), a design and supply/price in the upcoming weeks. The goal of these female captains is to help us launch and fund a pro Female club. We will aim to launch/mint this collection at the end of Q2.

5. Our Investors: Although we want to push hard as hell to sell out, we also want to do what’s right for YOU, our OG captains/investors. For that reason, we will give this “sell-out” plan some serious hell THEN close it, at whatever number it is, when we get to the female captain mint, thus protecting your investment.

Like I have said before, pioneers break trail. Thank you for believing in this project, because TOGETHER we made and will continue to make history! :soccer:

With love, Cisco Terreros

Please note, we will be attracting a new wave of captains to the community and there will be two types: the paper hand who thinks they know better (because they want a quick $$) and the diamond hand who believes in this project like all of you! Let’s cultivate the good apples!

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