Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique or non-interchangeable item (e.g. a piece of art, music, or in our case, a unique 3-D graphic of a team captain) that uses a digital ledger to provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership. The WoF NFTs give holders a series of benefits or utilities which can only be unlocked with the ownership of one of our NFTs.

+ Why should I mint (buy) a WoF NFT?

Aside from the many unique benefits and utilities our members will receive as part of owning a WoF NFT (see above for a complete list), the biggest utility is the ability to be part of a project that has invested in a professional football club.


NFTs are an investment that should increase in value over time, but WoF has set out to create an NFT that increases its blockchain value by creating a direct connection to a tangible utility, such as the exclusive membership of Forjães SC, the club we own.


This will be a first time that a project of this magnitude has launched, where NFT holders will come together to create an ever-lasting community. WoF has invested in Forjães SC, and our executive team has the skills and experience required to have made that happen. We understand the football/soccer world inside and out, with over 38 years of combined experience working in pro football/soccer at various levels.


Investing in our NFT increases your digital investment because of our amazing community, but also because of our WoF investment in a real-world football club, thus increasing your NFT in value time over time.


As we invest in the professional club, and use our experience and knowledge to run the team, the value of the club will increase and therefore your WoF NFT! For example, according to Forbes, in 2015 in the U.S., a new United Soccer League (USL) franchise, currently the country’s 2nd tier football league, cost roughly $1m USD. Today in 2022, a new USL franchise costs well over $18m USD.

+ What are the logistics of club investment?

100% of the profits from every single mint are transferred to a unique wallet connected to the WoF smart contract. The funds from said wallet were used to invest in Forjães SC and continue to fund the management of our team.

+ Have you identified a club to invest in yet?

HELL YEAH! We had advanced conversations with 9 clubs to buy and after visiting all of them, we decided to narrow down our scope towards Forjães SC. On May 29, members of Forjães SC board voted “YES” with 95% in favor of our acquisition of the club. Today, WoF staff runs and manages all aspects of the team, from the technical side all the way to the youth levels.

+ Why invest in a football club?

Statistics show that NFT projects that have a real-life benefit/utility have a much higher increase in value than those that don’t. Our goal is to make sure that your NFT investment continues to increase in value by involving you in the running of our pro football club and managing said investment using our years of experience, knowledge and abilities within the professional sports industry.