Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique or non-interchangeable item (e.g. a piece of art, music, or in our case, a unique 3-D graphic of a team captain) that uses a digital ledger to provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership. The WoF NFTs give holders a series of benefits or utilities which can only be unlocked with the ownership of one of our NFTs.

+ Why should I mint (buy) a WoF NFT?

Aside from the many unique benefits and utilities our members will receive as part of owning a WoF NFT (see above for a complete list), the biggest utility is the ability to be part of a project that will invest in a professional football club.


NFTs are an investment that should increase in value over time, but WoF has set out to create an NFT that increases its blockchain value by creating a direct connection to a tangible utility, such as the exclusive membership of the club we invest in.


This will be a first time that a project of this magnitude has launched, where NFT holders will come together to create an ever-lasting community. WoF will invest in a professional football team, and our executive team has the skills and experience required to make it happen. We understand the football/soccer world inside and out, with over 38 years of combined experience working in pro football/soccer at various levels.


Investing in our NFT increases your digital investment because of our amazing community, but also because of our WoF investment in a real-world football club, thus increasing your NFT in value time over time.


As we invest in the professional club, and use our experience and knowledge to run the team, the value of the club will increase and therefore your WoF NFT! For example, according to Forbes, in 2015 in the U.S., a new United Soccer League (USL) franchise, currently the country’s 2nd tier football league, cost roughly $1m USD. Today in 2022, a new USL franchise costs well over $18m USD.

+ What are the logistics of club investment?

A percentage of each and every single mint will be transferred to a unique wallet connected to the WoF smart contract. The funds from said wallet will be used to invest in a professional club (we have narrowed it down to two clubs, one in Canada and another in Portugal. A decision will be made before mint day).

+ Have you identified a club to invest in yet?

Yes! As of March 2022 we have had advanced conversations with 9 clubs/leagues to discuss the purchase of a franchise, thus allowing us to fulfill our NFTs’ utility. As you can imagine, purchasing a team isn’t easy as leagues and their owners go through a thorough vetting process to make sure that the investment group has a deep knowledge in the sport and how to run a successful franchise. For that reason, we are confident that once fully sold out, with our experience, knowledge and connections in this industry, we will be able to buy a franchise in the real world.

+ Do I still get to be part of a club's exclusive member if WoF doesn't sell out?

YES! When we created this project, we kept the community as our #1 priority and we wanted to ensure that if for some reason we don’t sell out, we can still fulfill our NFT’s utilities.


For that reason, we have invested a lot of money, time and energy in having deep conversations with various clubs and leagues around the world. One of them has already given us the green light (and the legal documentations) to invest in their club on behalf of our WoF community. So, while we plan to sell out, no matter if we sell 1 NFT or 20,000, owners of our WoF NFT will be part of a pro club’s exclusive membership.


(Disclaimer: For legal reasons and signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, as well as the respect of the club’s current fanbase, we cannot disclose the name of the club at this stage of our project. However, once we mint, this information will be disclosed in private to our members first, then consequently to the general public.)

+ Why invest in a football club?

Statistics show that NFT projects that have a real-life benefit/utility have a much higher increase in value than those that don’t. Our goal is to make sure that your NFT investment continues to increase in value by investing in a pro football club and managing said investment using our years of experience, knowledge and abilities within the professional sports industry.

+ What is the mint price?

The mint price is 0.19 ETH, which combined with our supply amount, will allow us to fund enough to invest in a pro football club.

+ When is the mint date?

Mint date will be as follows:

  • April 6th at 2pm EST for OG
  • April 6th at 4pm EST for WL
  • April 7th at 2pm EST for public

+ How many WoF NFTs can I mint?

Whitelisted members can mint 3 NFTs and public can mint up to 5 per wallet.